Dog supplies listing 1

July 20, 2022

Dog supplies listing 1
1. Dog toys

Toys make up 60-80% of a dog's energy, so it's important to choose a good, functional toy that your dog loves.

Cleaning your dog's teeth is also extremely important in daily life, so we need to take this into consideration when choosing a dog.

This dog toy to two or morethings clean bite, play, food, and integrative function, we advance in places like dog food, dog toys effectively attract the attention of the dog, can not only complement the dog energy, as well as through continuous movement to avoid dog obesity, irregular surface blade, as well as clean dog's teeth, avoid teeth bacteria growth lead to viral disease.

2. Collar & Dog Leash

Dog daily travel needs to be matched with collar and leash, can avoid the dog disorderly food, disturb passers-by, let the dog stay at all times, so a suitable dog leash is very necessary.

As we all know, we need to match the right leash for each dog's body shape, which not only effectively controls the energetic dog, but also makes the trip beautiful and attracts the attention of passers-by.

Our leash comes in different sizes and is basically suitable for all types of dog travel.

Small dogs generally need to choose 1.5cm wide dog leash. PVC material has good ductility. Interlayer with strong polyester fiber can not only ensure the softness of the lead, but also effectively prevent it from breaking due to the strength of the dog.

Beautiful appearance and various colors to meet different hobbies.

Medium-sized dogs generally need to choose 2cm wide dog leash, not only from the proportion of coordination, more need to consider the difference between medium-sized dogs and small dogs, the dog's strength is geometric changes with the change of body shape, wider bandwidth can also be more effective to contain the dog.

Large dogs generally need to choose more than 2.5cm dog harness, because the size range of large dogs is very large, we need to choose a thicker and more durable dog harness according to the actual situation of our dog.

As we all know, the bite force of large dogs is quite amazing, so our polyester fiber in the middle can effectively contain the bite force and prevent the bite from breaking, and the PVC material in the outer layer can prevent the sudden explosive force of dogs from pulling our muscles and skin.

Above is our first issue of pet supplies collocation list, will continue to update, enjoy the anticipation.

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